ChromePay provides access to quick and secure digital payment solutions for our users. ChromePay enables merchants and small businesses to receive payments via a unique QR code, whilst our bulk payments avail our users by providing access to payroll and mass payments. Users are able to seamlessly transfer money between each other and access all their bills on one platform. Whether it be personal or business payments ChromePay has got you covered.


Tranfers Money




Tranfers money

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Merchant Services


Merchant Services

With our merchant payment solution customers can simply scan merchant's QR Code and pay with a single click. It's simple, fast and reliable. Our dynamic QR Code has your order details and amount which can be paid using Debit/Credit Cards, Net Banking, and Chromepay wallet.

P2P Transfers

P2P transfers allow customers to transfer funds from their bank account, credit cards, chromepay wallet to other customers account. All the transactions are end to end secured with our two way encryption technology.

Bulk Payment

With our next generation bulk payments solution, we allow instant cash disbursal with easy to use app dashboard. Payouts work anytime & from anywhere. You can easily transfer employee salaries, bonuses, and company expenses on the go

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Chromepay international money transfers app send money directly to a bank account Fast and Secure.


Your safety is our top priority. All our transactions are end to end secured so you can make all your transactions with utmost peace of mind.

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